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Personal Profile and Booking Request

When making your enquiry through Enable My Trip, we try to make it easier to record your specific needs all in one place. Once this form is completed, the details will remain on this form, stored on your device. To be able to retain this information, it can only be used again from the same device. We recommend using a tablet, laptop or desk top device for clarity. You can update the form as and when you need it.

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Section A - Reservation Request

If this not a reservation request please go to Section 'B'
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If my chosen dates are not available I may be able to travel at short notice if a cancellation occurs.

Section B - Personal Requirements of One or More in Group

We have tried to include every aspect of requirements across a wide range of needs, compiled from personal experiences and research. Please let us know what improvements we can make to this form to make it even better. Please note that EMT cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors

My Level of Mobility - M1

have sufficient mobility to climb a flight of stairs but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid my balance

My Level of Mobility - M2

have restricted walking ability and may need to use a wheelchair some of the time. I can negotiate a maximum of three steps.

My Level of Mobility - M3i

I depend on the use of a wheelchair and I can transfer to and from from my wheelchair unaided in a seated position. I can travel alone. can transfer to a seat in a vehicle.

My Level of Mobility - M3a

I depend on the use of a wheelchair and require assistance from a carer. I need a hoist to transfer to and from my wheelchair

Ground Floor Room
Extra Large Room
Wet Room / Roll-In Shower
Shower Chair or Bench
Profiling Bed
Accessible Kitchen Area (if part of accommodation)
Ceiling Track Hoist
Mobile Hoist
Pool Access (Hoist or Ramp)
Parking close by, level and without gravel
Easy Access Public Transport -level routes with dropped kerbs and no steep gradients.
Inside Building - washrooms, bars, restaurants etc All public areas must be accessible; no steps and with door widths no less than 800mm (about 2" 7"), and corridors/walkways with a width of no less than 1m (3ft 3").
(includes hot tub or spa access if applicable)
Hot Tub Hoist Hot Tub Access with Side or Overhead Hoist
Pool Hoist Pool hoist to enter the pool - one with a seat .
Pool Hoist Pool hoist to enter the pool - one that is suitable for operation with patient slings.
Pool Depth The entry point to the pool should be no deeper than 1 metre (39")
Pool Ramp Use of a special 'wet wheelchair' and enter via a ramp if provided.
Bed - Mattress Air Flow Mattress (i.e. with moving air pockets
Bed - Mattress Pressure Relief Mattress
Bed Height The bed height must be between 450mm and 540mm (between 1 feet 6 inches and 1 feet 9 inches) from the floor to allow me to transfer from wheelchair to bed. It must have unobstructed transfer space from at least one side of the bed of between 900mm x 1.5 metres (2 feet 11 inches x 4 feet ) , preferably 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres (4 feet x 4 feet).
Bed - Underneath The bed must have a clear space underneath of at least 150mm to allow access for the legs of a mobile hoist. If this is not possible, blocks or similar will be required to raise the bed to allow the 150mm gap. If the bed is raised it should still not be more than 540mm (1 feet 9 inches) from the floor to the top of the bed.
Extra Space Extra space around the bed
Bed Sides Removable Bed Sides
Pull-Up Pole Ceiling pull up is necessary (i.e. 'monkey pole')
Dressing table Space for a wheelchair to fit under the unit
Ceiling Track Hoist From wheelchair to bed to bathroom and vv.
Wardrobe Pull-down for clothes access
Call System Alarm call system
Lounge Seating Electric riser / recliner chair
Kitchen Worktops Wheelchair height work tops
Cooker Eye Level Oven
Cooker Side opening door
Cooker and Sink Rise and fall touch control hob and sink
Bed Access Doorways wide enough (e.g. 1m+) to enable a bed to be pushed into living area and/or outside onto patio area - if applicable

Please Note

As Enable My Trip is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation we rely solely on donations and fund raising to keep our services truly free for users and providers. We are not a travel agent or trip organiser; You will need to contact the provider(s) directly to make reservations.

We strive to ensure that the details we publish on our website are as accurate as possible. If you learn of further information of interest to other users of our website then please get in touch. Please use our 'Personal Profile' form when making enquiries to accommodation providers. It has been designed to minimise any service failures on their part.