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Our History

The Founders of Enable my Trip have a vast amount of experience travelling the world with two profoundly disabled family members. Like so many travellers with mobility and other challenges, we have experienced a catalogue of service failures. Searching and researching for information can be a tiresome and exhausting process. There are many social media groups , travel bloggers, providers, specialist organisations and operators of travel and accommodation services across the world dedicated to accessible travel. It was our aim to bring this all knowledge and information together,  on one website.

Initially the project was conceived to be a profit driven commercial concern. However, it became apparent that many of the accommodation providers we wanted to include on our website could not contribute financially due to their own financial constraints. For that reason, all listings are free. There are no commissions or fees involved, and no fees payable by users.

Enable My Trip is a facilitator which is there to make finding accessible travel services and accommodation much easier. We have not audited every listing, nor have we personally checked on facilities. However, we have researched to the best of our ability to assist users in making the best decision based on the available information. We encourage all users to write reviews when appropriate to assist other travellers.

We deliberately do not provide information on public venues, restaurants etc. However we do include helpful organisation such as information providers, travel blog writers and publications.