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Posted 17/11/2022 in News

The Need for a Holiday - Specified in Your Care Plan

The Need for a Holiday - Specified in Your Care Plan

This brief article relates to the provision of providing a holiday, as specified within the care plan of an individual, under the Care Act 2014.

In this 2022 case, the law regarding the provision of a holiday under the Care Act 2014 was clarified.  Suffolk Council had changed their policy to say that they would no longer provide for a holiday, and the claimants had challenged this policy.  The court clarified that Lang J's ruling below was correct.  So if you are disabled, and your assessed needs under the Care Act include the need for a holiday then make sure your care plan reflects this need.

Put simply, if the Claimants’ assessed needs arising from their disabilities includes a need for a holiday or other recreational activities, then the cost of the holiday to the disabled person is a need which can be met under Care Acy 2014.”  Lang J. Upheld in the Court of Appeal  Click Here for Case Law

 Click Here for the Report from Centre for Adults' Social Care